To Our Partners

JM Family is taking precautions to proactively reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our ultimate goal is to minimize the impact on our associates, contractors and business operations.

Please review our updated Contact Tracing Procedures which includes important information about our partnership and notifications to JM Family.

To help answer questions and to minimize concerns, please review the following Deerfield Campus Procedures, Jacksonville and Commerce Procedures and St. Louis and Mobile Procedures and share this information with your employees.

Please remind your contractor(s) to NOT report to work if they are symptomatic, awaiting COVID-19 results, or are COVID-19 positive. Staffing agency partners should work with JM Family on any questions related to COVID-19 guidance.

Important Reminders

  1. The below standards are applicable to all individuals from suppliers, vendors and staffing agencies operating on site or on behalf of JM Family. Please review the applicable standards below for assignments at JM Family and inform your employee of any and all information that is relevant to their assignment at JM Family prior to their assignment start date.
  2. Complete the appropriate pre-employment checks for your employee.
  3. Assigned employee(s) should sign the acknowledgment of operating standards. Please retain this in the employees file for audit purposes.

TempWork Management System

Beeline Login

Supplier User Guide

Contractor Quick Reference Guide

Operating Standards for All Locations

The below standards should be acknowledged prior to their assignment start date.

Acceptable Use Procedure

Anti Harassment Guidelines

Code of Business Conduct

Complaint Process

Confidentiality Agreement

Corporate Security

Dress for Your Day Overview

Dress for Your Day Procedures

Drug and Alcohol

Environmental Health and Safety

Equipment Use and Return Agreement

Information Security

Parking and Badge Procedures

Pre-Employment Check

Safe and Responsible Driver

Smoking Standards

Workplace Violence Prevention Overview

Workplace Violence Prevention Procedures

Margate Location Operating Standards

Parking Map

Training for Contractors

Training for Suppliers