Calling DIBS on the Next Big Idea

February 21, 2024

JM Family’s Doing It Better Showcase highlights innovative solutions created by associates to enhance business operations. 

Innovation lies at the heart of JM Family’s core values, empowering associates to embrace risks while learning from experiences and discovering new approaches in the pursuit of continuous improvement. The company’s annual Doing It Better Showcase invites associates to identify potential enhancements to work processes and share inventive solutions, whether big or small, to foster opportunities for progress.

This year’s initiative welcomed more than 230 entries, with participation from every business throughout the enterprise.

“The spirit of embracing innovation has been deeply engrained in our corporate DNA, thanks to our founder who always encouraged us to continuously ‘do it better’,” said Brent Burns, president and CEO of JM Family. “This year, many of our associates’ ideas were implemented immediately, reflecting a diverse range of initiatives aimed at improving both internal processes and the overall experience for our business partners and customers.”

This year, 46 teams were selected to showcase their concepts to JM Family’s senior leadership team. Out of these, 12 ideas were selected as the winners of the challenge. Some of their ideas include:

Southeast Toyota Distributors’ Tail Load Processing Application

In the Baymeadows area of Jacksonville, Southeast Toyota Distributors Tail Load Processing Application will help streamline current processes and reduce 1,380 labor hours annually. Tail load refers to a back-ordered part that is either too large or too fragile to mail with a standard shipping carrier. Traditionally our partners at Toyota Motors North America will cross dock these parts at the Parts Distribution Center (PDC) before sending them overnight to the dealership. Previously, associates would have to manually find and log each received part, print labels that feature a barcode, hand place them on the specific part before moving them to their proper location. Once that is completed, they are then able to notify each dealership that their part has arrived at the PDC. With the introduction of the Tail Load Processing Application associates are now able to simply open the app, scan the already placed product barcode and the dealers will be notified of the product’s arrival. The introduction of the app will aid in faster processing with increased accuracy while creating an automated communication thread with real-time information.

JM&A Group’s ChatPD

Building an AI-based virtual agent that understands the needs of a field sales team, associates from JM&A Group developed ChatPD, supported by Microsoft. When utilizing this program, field agents are able to communicate with a virtual representative who utilizes AI to answer associates’ questions in real-time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To utilize the platform, associates simply enter the chat box and select a category to begin. The platform houses a range of options, from dealer enrollment applications for specific products to form approvals by external parties. Once a selection has been made, ChatPD will walk the associate through a standardized set of questions to quickly reach their required information. By providing timely and accurate answers, the solution helps associates create a faster resolution time for queries thus providing updates to dealers in a timelier fashion.

Southeast Toyota Distributors’ Paint Shop Power App

When ordering a vehicle, the number one question any customer asks is, “Where’s my car?”. With the Paint Shop Power App, consumers will be able to find that answer quickly and independently. The new app will deliver real-time updates on vehicle location in the processing lineup, estimated arrival times and vehicle prioritization- all seamlessly integrated through Microsoft plug-and-play.

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