Dialogue is the first step to meaningful change, and we regularly engage our associates and communities to address the issues that matter most


Identifying important issues enables us to understand how our associates and their communities are impacted by everyday challenges occurring around us


Our action plans are thought out and decisive, lending our strength to causes that champion inclusiveness for all


Through consistent and purposeful action, we hope JM Family can enable progress within our company and our communities

Promoting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The journey toward a diverse, equitable and inclusive world never ends. It requires continuous improvement and a commitment to listening, learning and taking mindful action. We continue to build on JM Family’s diverse workforce, using internal networking groups as safe spaces for honest dialogue, and training leaders who will carry these principles to their peers and communities.

Supporting the regions where we operate is a decades-long legacy within JM Family. We contribute financially and with the commitment of our personal time and energy.  Many of us are gaining new perspectives on challenges experienced every day. We remain committed to continuing our support of community organizations focused on equality across all aspects of life.

JM Associates at the Westlake facility
Aerial view of Toyotas at the port

Partners & Suppliers

JM Family is committed to being a leader in our industries and to providing exceptional customer service. To accomplish that goal, we are always looking to share relevant information with our existing partners and suppliers to help us maintain our high standards of excellence. See the link below for important supplier information.